Official show schedule is now available

Getting this event started has been a huge effort from so many people.  I’m please to announce that the official schedule is now available.  For those planning to come to the event in the morning on Saturday please consider time to park and make your way inside.  The program will start at 10 AM sharp with […]

History Display update, Live Internet streaming, and something free!

For Immediate Release: Amiga 30th @ The Computer History Museum Mountain View, CA Work continues at our secret headquarters buried in Silicon Valley. A crew of dedicated volunteers are toiling in the hot sun to prepare the exhibits and materials for the show. The marque feature of the exhibit hall will be the Dave Morse […]

Viva Amiga!

For Immediate Release: Amiga 30th Anniversary Mountain View, CA July 25th - 26th The Viva Amiga Team and the organizers of the US Amiga 30th anniversary event are pleased to announce the world’s first public screening of the “Viva Amiga” Documentary.  Started as a dream by Zach Weddington and after a successful kickstarter in 2011 […]

Announcing Saturday morning presentation by Ron Nicholson and Joe Decuir.

Announcing presentation by Ron Nicholson and Joe Decuir. When Jay Miner started to dream about building a revolutionary new system that could be the ultimate game system and a new class of personal computer her started to assemble a team of top talent.  Some of the first people Jay reached out to were Ron Nicholson and Joe Decuir.  Together they crafted what […]

Let’s get this party started

For Immediate Release: Mountain View California May 14th, 2015   After a successful kickstarter campaign and with the help  of corporate sponsors the Amiga 30th Organizing team is happy to announce a full two day exhibition in conjunction with the banquet. Starting in April we launched a kickstarter campaign to fund a banquet to honor […]

Last Day of the Kickstarter

It’s the final day for the kickstarter. We are sitting at 104% funded with 164 backers. First, we made it! Commodore died in 1994, Escom, Gateway, and Amiga Inc have all run with the torch and fell. Yet, we, the Amiga Community, are still going. I recently came across a great  article that pointed out that […]

Kickstarter Launched!

Come join us for a celebration of the Amiga, its groundbreaking accomplishments and its rich history at the Computer History Museum Amiga 30th Anniversary On July 23rd, 1985, the world was introduced to the Commodore Amiga Computer. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Amiga’s launch and to commemorate that seminal event in computer […]

Announcing the Amiga 30th Anniversary Event


For Immediate Release: July 23rd Mountain View California:   On July 23rd, 1985, the world was introduced to the Amiga Computer. A radical multimedia machine from a group of thinkers, tinkerers and visionaries which delivered affordable graphics, animation, music and multitasking interaction the personal computer world hadn’t even dreamt of. The computer for the creative mind. That leap […]

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