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Mountain View California

May 14th, 2015


After a successful kickstarter campaign and with the help  of corporate sponsors the Amiga 30th Organizing team is happy to announce a full two day exhibition in conjunction with the banquet.

Starting in April we launched a kickstarter campaign to fund a banquet to honor the 30th anniversary of the Amiga Computer at the Computer History Museum.  That successful campaign ensured our banquet.  Now, with the help of A-Eon and Friend Software Labs we will be able to expand the event to include TWO full days of exhibit hall.

The exhibit hall will feature nearly 20 exhibits and exhibitors.  The main attraction will be a massive historical display of 30 years of the Amiga.  From the Lorraine prototypes to the A-Eon X1000 nearly every Amiga model and system inspired by the Amiga will be represented.  We are working to ensure each system will be running and usable.  In addition to the released models are also working to secure rare prototypes such as the A3000+.  Friend Software Labs will have a special announcement and presentations at the event.  Along with the Amiga systems we will offer a games zone where folks can play the great classic Amiga games including some 8 player games and tournaments.

Along the Amiga system displays we will also have many Amiga related companies and projects including Individual Computers, Amiga Forever, and Viva Amiga.  The Sacramento Amiga User Group will be assisting with the historical display and presenting an AmiWest table.

We will have a theater area for presentation during the event with speakers covering all the history of the Amiga.  There will also be an area for art, photographs, and other displays.

The Amiga Computer has impacted and influenced so much of modern technology.  Join us for a weekend of celebrations and events to honor the legacy of the Amiga and the great Amiga community.

Tickets on sale now on www.amiga30.com.

Party On!

Amiga 30th Organizing Team


2 comments on “Let’s get this party started

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Alan Parkin on June 22, 2015 12:08 pm

Wow, a full two-day extravaganza of marketing OS4 products! Sorry, I think I’d rather go to the weekend timeshare condo pitch - at least they’ll have a pool.

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Bill Borsari on June 23, 2015 12:19 pm

Hi Alan,

This is a two day event to honor the Amiga. AmigaOS 4 is a big part of that history as it is the only OS that is still using the AmigaOS source code. As for the other Amiga related or based systems they will be represented in both the history display and on the show floor. One sad fact is the MorphOS team is not interested in supporting the event, despite several invitations. I have also reached out to some folks who work on AROS but they are not able to make it. We are open to any suggestions on how to improve the event so please feel free to provide any constructive ideas on how we can make the event better. We are all ears!

Take care,

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