Last Day of the Kickstarter

It’s the final day for the kickstarter. We are sitting at 104% funded with 164 backers.

First, we made it! Commodore died in 1994, Escom, Gateway, and Amiga Inc have all run with the torch and fell. Yet, we, the Amiga Community, are still going. I recently came across a great  article that pointed out that John C. Dvorak liked to say that “Amiga users were actively delusional.” Here we are in 2015 successfully community funding the 30th anniversary. We are a global community of committed compassionate users who feel strongly about how they compute. Thank you all, to all our backers, to the more than 3000 people who watched the video, to everyone who uses the Amiga still, to everyone who remembers when computing was fun, and to everyone who is wishing us well.

Second, we have received comments about the size of the stretch goals. With any kickstarter campaign setting the funding targets and stretch goals is one of the hardest parts. You can’t know how successful the campaign will be till it’s launched so you have to go with what you think will work. One thing about the Amiga is there are always surprises. Our two stretch goals of Internet streaming and a 2 day exhibit hall will not end with the kickstarter. If someone backs the campaign at the $60 level we will honor the 2 day event ticket.

Third, every dollar counts. We have so many crazy ideas on how to make this the best birthday a computer ever had but it takes money to make it happen. The more money we make here the better the event will be.

Last, this might be your only opportunity to show your friends a youtube video of Amiga 1000 serial #1 thanking you for backing the kickstarter. This is not a promise that such thing will happen… but it could.

Thank you,

Bill “tekmage” Borsari

Amiga 30th US Organizing Team

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