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Come join us for a celebration of the Amiga, its groundbreaking accomplishments and its rich history at the Computer History Museum Amiga 30th Anniversary

On July 23rd, 1985, the world was introduced to the Commodore Amiga Computer. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Amiga’s launch and to commemorate that seminal event in computer history we are throwing a party.

Join us on Saturday, July 25th, in a celebration of the amazing Amiga. Our party will feature an evening of epic Amiga Fun. The event will be a banquet with feature speakers, panel discussion, historical artifact displays, and more.

The main event for the banquet will be a panel discussion of original Amiga developers including:

Dale Luck
Carl Sassenrath
Dave Needle
RJ Mical
Plus more

The panel topics will cover start-up life in 1985, building the Amiga 1000, and how the Amiga influenced technology over the last 30 years.

Additional speakers will include:

* Trevor Dickinson, co-founder and managing director of A-EON Technology, makers of next generation Amiga systems and software.

* Colin Proudfoot, Former Managing Director of Commodore Business Machines (UK)

* Mike Battilana, Founder CEO of Cloanto, maker of the Amiga Forever emulation software.

We will also have video presentations including a special extended clip from the upcoming “Viva Amiga” documentary video presented by “Viva Amiga” producer Zack Weddington.

To purchase tickets to attend the event back the kickstarter with a pledge above $80.

Thank you,

The Amiga 30th US Team



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