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One of the amazing aspects of the Amiga was the Demo Scene.  This was a group of talented coders and hackers who found a passion for pushing the Amiga to it’s very limits.  The goal was to do the impossible, and they did it.  From a simple beginning the Amiga Demo Scene grew.  Along with the Demo scene there was a group who decided that all software should be free and would go out of their ways to break or crack commercial software and release it to their friends and through BBS’s.  One of the most popular games was Lemmings.  Many Amiga users first view of Lemmings was actually the SkidRow “Cracktro” showing off their work with style.  Love them or hate them, they are a part of the storied Amiga History.

To honor the Demo Scene and acknowledge the battle between the hackers and the Companies I present to you the Amiga 30th anniversary ShoutOuts in Cracktro form!

Using the amazing Hollywood software and the examples provided, I was able to build a special shoutout app.   Simply download the File for your platform and run!

AmigaOS 3 + FPU, AmigaOs 4, MorphOS, AROS, Windows, OS X Intel, OS X PPC, Linux

Note: These files are provide without any support.  We take no responsibiliy for the execution of these files, any CPU cycles spent on these files or the outcome of loading then in to your operating system.  If any damage comes to your system from running these files you can by an Amiga at Amigakit.com.



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