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Come celebrate the Amiga Computer 30th anniversary at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View CA.  After a successful kickstarter campaign and with our corporate sponsors we are excited to present a two day exhibit hall and a banquet to honor 30 years of Amiga.  The exhibit hall will feature two full days with speakers, complete history of the Amiga display, rare prototypes, game zone, other systems from 1985, and more.  The banquet will feature speakers, video’s, and a panel discussion.

 At 5 PM we will hold a reception and at 7 PM the banquet will begin.  To entry the banquet attendees must have a banquet pass.  Event tickets and banquet passes are available on EventBrite.  For those who supported the kickstarter the banquet passes and exhibit hall passes will be honored.  Thank you!

The banquet will be an incredible event. We will start with a reception where attendees can rub elbows with fellow Amigans and Amiga luminaries past and present.  Following the reception we will have a buffet style dinner with videos, speakers, and the panel discussion.  The panel will discussion of original Amiga Developers including:

  • Dale Luck
  • Carl Sassenrath
  • Dave Needle
  • RJ Mical
  • Plus more

Additional banquet speakers include:

  • Trevor Dickinson, co-founder and managing director of A-EON Technology, makers of next generation Amiga systems and software.
  • Colin Proudfoot, Former Managing Director of Commodore Business Machines (UK)
  • Mike Battilana, Founder CEO of Cloanto, maker of the Amiga Forever emulation software.


We will also have video presentations including a special teaser from the upcoming “Viva Amiga” documentary video presented by “Viva Amiga” producer Zack Weddington.



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Ed Peixoto on May 1, 2015 11:20 pm


I am a supporter of the Amiga event in the Kickstarter.

Could you please let me know what time the event will start?



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Bill Borsari on May 17, 2015 7:28 pm

Hi Ed,

We will be starting at 10 AM on Saturday July 25th with an opening presentation. More details to come!


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